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District 21 is the final stop for Francis Tuttle Culinary students on the path to a professional career. Students who work in the on-campus restaurant are passionate about seeking a profession in the industry and are looking for real-world experience to prepare them for that future job.

Each of our professional chefs who work in the kitchen with students has at least over a decade of experience in the field, and some have multiple decades. Jason Marsh and Bill Leib have worked in a variety of culinary settings: restaurants, hotels, and catering businesses for events with thousands of people in attendance. They also bring a love of various cuisines and cooking styles, from Chef Bill’s Asian cuisine specialty to Chef Jason’s enjoyment of Southern Style cooking. They construct a curriculum with the District 21 menu in mind, ensuring a variety of experiences and flavors for both student chefs and dining patrons.

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District 21 is located on the Francis Tuttle Rockwell Campus in Oklahoma City.

The designated restaurant entrance is located in the northwest corner of the main Campus Center building, near parking lot C North.

12777 N Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma, City, OK 73142

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